Duffy Leg is a contemporary American artist. The artwork is rooted in skateboarding, street art, hot rods, Americana, motorcycles, rock posters, and punk music all wrapped under the term "Garage Artist". He uses mix media, collage, painting, and sculpture to explore the themes within garage culture that people relate to and distills them down into something ethereal.

How do you convey the visceral feeling of horsepower? How do you evoke freedom of being on the road? How do you connect the viewer to the satisfaction of DIY? What makes us all pine for the dream of an old car or motorcycle, an open highway, and nowhere to go? How come for some, it’s never fast enough?

The artworks created are meant to inspire the viewer to keep dreaming, go faster, drive longer, burn rubber, and extend the journey. Those desires are what connect us all as humans, those desires are what makes us feel alive. By fostering those emotions, the world will hopefully become a better place.

Duffy's work has been displayed nationally and internationally. He works in the studio, garage, and the street. He has done projects with brands, has been artist in residence for a few companies, and has work in private and public collections.